Impact Media at the Onslow Business Forum

April 29, 2015

Our senior constant, Tamara BinAmat, had a great time speaking the the Onslow Business Forum last week.

Impact Media was invited to speak about the Chevron-sponsored West Pilbara Business Support Program.

Impact Media is a success story of the program and turnover has quadrupled since utilising all the services on offer.

Tamara is a founder of Impact Media and shared her testimonial.


“I started the business while I was working full-time as a venture on the side with dreams this could support my family,” she said.

“I met with Stuart Chettle from Many Rivers initially and although I didn’t require finance, he was a great mentor and gave me the courage to pursue the business full-time. “From those scared days of ‘Will I get enough work?’, fast forward nearly two years later and I am working more than I ever did full-time, running a profitable, female-owned, Aboriginal–owned regional small business.”

Tamara’s initial conversations and mentor sessions with Stuart led her to the Small Business Centre, to realise and put into motion the ideas.

From there it was full steam ahead to running a thriving business.

“The success of my business is due to my commitment for quality, but also because of the support of my business mentors,” Tamara explained.

“I was a bit stuck at how to handle my growth, and at a point where I wasn’t financial enough to get help, and too busy to take on any more work. I was at a point where I couldn’t grow.

“This went on for months before the West Pilbara Business Support Program launched. When I realised what RSM Bird Cameron could offer me it was a huge relief. Craig and Andrew are helping me with a clear plan for growth and how to profitably get there. When I started seeing RSM Bird Cameron, Kelly at the Small Business Centre was able to provide them the business background to save valuable time during my meeting with them.

“Without all three of these service providers I may have burnt out or remained stagnant. Without the three service providers Impact Media may have never survived.”

Tamara said Aboriginal-owned businesses have faced a lot of challenges in the past with huge gaps between opportunity and pay.

“With programs like this, we are getting the help to shine,” she said.

“My business now has about 25 clients that are small Aboriginal-owned businesses, so by helping me, you are helping all these other businesses, which are in turn employing Aboriginal people.

“So many stakeholders, including the big providers in the Pilbara, benefit from growing a small business like mine, and the benefits ripple right through our community.”

Photos courtesy of Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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